Gold Chrome Vinyl Wrapped Bugatti (Flo-Rida) /// Metro Wrapz (Introduction)

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Gold Chrome Vinyl Wrapped Bugatti (Flo-Rida) /// Metro Wrapz (Introduction)

Many people claim to wrap cars, many people claim to be the best in the biz; but no one comes close to the team over at Metro Wrapz. The owner of Metro Wrapz (Bruno) is the Teflon Don when it comes to vinyl wrapping. Whether it be cars, sports stadiums, industrial yards, Bruno and his team does it all. Metro Wrapz is the birthplace of many trends in Vinyl and the birthplace for aspiring Vinyl installers. Having been wrapping for over 20 years, Bruno has seen it all and has seen many people come and go. Many installers around the Florida area started with Metro Wrapz, although they would not always like to credit Bruno and Metro Wrapz for showing them the ins and outs of the industry, they have no choice but to do so.

Bruno and his team have a good friendship with the Miami Heat team and the stadium they play in. If you see any stickers plastered around the American Airlines Arena, its Metro Wrapz that did the job. Being the go to guy in Miami, all the celebrities living in the Miami area visit Metro Wrapz for work to be done on their car. Guys like Lebron James, Rashad Jones, Cameron Wake, Dwyane Wade, Dexter Pittman, Mr.305 (Pitbull), Ace-Hood and many more. Bruno and his team have wrapped over Ten Thousand cars; and that’s no exaggeration. People from all over the world know of Metro Wrapz as delivering the best service; in one case, a gentleman shipped his Bentley from London to get it wrapped from Bruno and his team.

Their slogan “Go Chrome or Go Home” underlines the extensive amounts of cars they’ve wrapped in chrome or color chrome. Many people go that extra mile and spend an extra couple of dollars to make their cars into a bright reflective beast that turns heads when its going up and down the strip. This Bugatti is no exception.

This Gold Chrome Wrapped Bugatti belongs to music sensation Flo-Rida. Flo puts all his trust in Bruno to deliver a quality product when it comes to his rides. Originally wrapped in chrome, Flo-Rida decided to change it up and turn it into a Golden Gatti.

The shoes on the Gold Gatti match the vinyl. Flo-Rida’s Bugatti is sitting on 24 inch, 24 karat gold Forgiato rims. The over all esthetic of this car is absolutely mesmorizing and when one takes a look at it they can only dream of having one just like this.

Metro Wrapz is located on 1220 South State Rd 7 Hollywood, be sure to check them out, you wont be disappointed. We can assure you, they deliver a golden product.

To find out more about Metro Wrapz visit:

Credits to @Cotography for taking these amazing shots!

carbon-roof-2 full-wrap img_0477 image-2 wrapped-hood carbon-white matte-green rim-dipped

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